The hidden opportunities of Bitcointalk that nobody told you (so far)

Reward system pays users weekly for Bitcointalk subscriptions.

Bitcointalk, created by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 22nd, 2009, is the oldest active forum of the crypto community and a worldwide reference when it comes to Bitcoin historical events.

Besides amazing historical posts, with exchanges between Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney and other industry names, the forum was the advertising platform for Ethereum and other major projects (usually disclosed in the ANN tab).

Bitcoin was used for the first time as a means of exchange in the forum, when the programmer Laszlo Hanyecz offered 10,000 bitcoins in exchange for two pizzas. And after three days of the announcement, on May 22, Hanyecz published that he managed to buy the pizzas, paying what today would be equivalent to $792 million.

The meme „HODL“ was also created at Bitcointalk. On December 18, 2013, the user GameKyuubi, after a whisky garafa, lets out that he is a bad trader (as well as 99% of day traders), but that traders can only get their money if you sell, so he stays in “HODLING“.

Why attend Bitcointalk and the Brazilian tab

Despite this ancestry and more than a decade of forum, the forum is not very popular outside the most fervent crypto community and many Brazilian Bitcoin and cryptomoedas investors have never heard of the site and have not yet had the pleasure of meeting the Brazilian Bitcointalk tab. If you are one of these, I would like to give you some reasons to change it and how to do it.

Brazilian Bitcointalk Tab

Social networking enthusiasts may have a difficult first contact with the forum and may find their „design“ strange. In BitcoinTalk there are no ‚tanned‘, infinite scroll feeds, appealing images and you can’t publish without stopping when you arrive. This creates a space focused on quality discussions about bitcoin, cryptomoedas and resistance to spam or ‚clickbait‘ content.

But if by itself, participating in a forum created by Satoshi, which guarantees your privacy, which puts you in touch with projects in early stages and legendary users of your country is not reason enough to overcome an unpopular design, perhaps, the various ways to earn money within the forum and the ‚financial generosity of the community‘, is.

Despite being a little debated fact, Bitcointalk has a base of over 2 million users and among them are some of the most genial and important names in the crypto community. Being a hyper-directed community, the forum has an extremely valuable traffic and companies pay users for their ‚merit‘ and signature in campaigns.

Bitcointalk’s merit

All Bitcointalk users are sorted according to their participation in the forum. The higher the ranking and the better the quality of a user’s posts, the greater the variety of reward systems the user can compete for and the benefits he has in the forum. The ranking is derived from the number of activities and the merit of the user.

The ‚activity‘ is defined by the formula: Activity = min(time * 14, posts). If a user posts once a day, for two weeks, he will have 14 activities. If he posts twice a day for two weeks, he will have made 28 posts, but he will still have 14 activities, maybe however, he will have more merits.

Merit is a ‚reward‘ system, in which one user rewards the other for creating valuable content within the forum (just click on the +Merit button on the top right side of the post). It is important to highlight that every 2 merit received, the user receives 1 merit to send to another user, creating a circular economy in which each interaction and reward also helps to expand the community.